Wooden hangers are most daily product in our wordrobe. But do you know how to make them? We are a famous hanger factory in china, today, I want to say something about making a wooden hanger. The processes of making a hanger as follows:

1.to choose the suitable wood, such as beech hanger, lotus hanger, oak hanger, etc.
2.cutting the wood into designated dimension, such as rectangular and triangle block.
3.to make the wood smoothly, using the specific machine to smooth the surface of the wood.
4.cut the wood into two same leafages by the machine, and then saw off the unnecessary part of the leafages.
5.smooth the side face of the leafage.
6.combine two hanger leafages together.
7.drill a hole at the top of the hanger.
8.polish the hanger to make the surface of the hanger more smoothly.
9.to varnish the hanger
10.the final one is assembling the accessories.

After finishing all there procedures, a wooden hanger should be completed. Eisho, as a big hanger manufacturer, has its own factory to produce the hangers you want. No matter wooden hangers, metal hangers, plastic hangers, if you are in need of clothes hangers, please tell us, and we will reply you immediately.