Visit Poor Students in Zhiliao Primary School

Eisho organize employees to visit the poor students in Zhiliao Primary School on 27th July. We play games with the children and encourage them to study hard. Hope all children will become a useful person to the society in the future. Eisho has always attached great importance to help poor students, and visited poor students on a regular basis, so that every student can feel the care and love of the school and the community. In the future, Eisho will continue to carry out activities to help poor students, so that every poor student in a loving campus to [...]

Cultural Exchange

Now the world is a globalized world, so enterprises also need to be internationalized. Our company (EISHO) invited several colleagues from Kyrghyzstan, Pakistan and Germany to share the customs of their countries with our sales. We hope the sharing will make our cooperation effectively and harmoniously by getting to know each other better.

Employee training

Employees of EISHO went to Shenzhen for a two-day training on March 30 and 31. This training is mainly to improve the professional skills and work efficiency, so as to better serve customers. At the same time, it also is the foundation for the development and growth of EISHO.

The 125th Canton Fair

The 125th Canton Fair Canton Fair, also called The China Import and Export Fair, is established in 1957. It is a trade fair held in the spring and autumn seasons each year in Canton (Guangzhou), China. It is the oldest, largest, and the most representative trade fair in China. As one of largest hanger exporter in China, Eisho will attend the Canton Fair of both spring and autumn seasons each year. The booth number of Eisho of coming Spring Canton Fair is Area C 14.3 E36-39, F06-07. From January 2019, Eisho has started preparation for Canton Fair, including registering, [...]

Wooden Hanger Factory-Eisho company

Wooden hangers are most daily product in our wordrobe. But do you know how to make them? We are a famous hanger factory in china, today, I want to say something about making a wooden hanger. The processes of making a hanger as follows: choose the suitable wood, such as beech hanger, lotus hanger, oak hanger, etc. 2.cutting the wood into designated dimension, such as rectangular and triangle block. make the wood smoothly, using the specific machine to smooth the surface of the wood. 4.cut the wood into two same leafages by the machine, and then saw off [...]