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Eisho is the leading Chinese hanger factory dealing in a wide range of cloth hangers from wooden hangers to plastic hangers to metal hangers. We do not only manufacture and supply various styles and types of hangers in over 46 countries but also ensure that they are relatively affordable and up to the very finest quality levels possible.

Eisho hanger factory has been recognized for its eco-friendly closet items with our wooden hangers factory featuring an organic series of highly biodegradable wooden hangers birthed from all-natural organic material and excellent at adding eco-chic appearance to the modern day closets while still preserving the environment.We have thrived by offering outstanding support to our clients with prompt delivery, most innovative designs, and excellent customer services.

If you are running a hanger company, then you know the need to link up with a reliable clothes hangers factory to supply you with personalized hangers that will meet your clients need. It’s for this reason that we offer customized hanger designs to our retailer clients to help them satisfy their customers who fancy a more personalized look to their closets.

There are many things to consider when purchasing hangers. The most important factor being the type of garment you wish to organize in your closet. While almost every kind of cloth will require a different hanger that is purposely designed for it, wooden hangers are quite versatile. They are suitable for most clothes fabric and considered a money-saver in most households.

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