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Employee training

Employees of EISHO went to Shenzhen for a two-day training on March 30 and 31. This training is mainly to improve the professional skills and work efficiency, so as to better serve customers. At the same time, it also is the foundation for the development and growth of EISHO. [...]


The 125th Canton Fair

The 125th Canton Fair Canton Fair, also called The China Import and Export Fair, is established in 1957. It is a trade fair held in the spring and autumn seasons each year in Canton (Guangzhou), China. It is the oldest, largest, and the most representative trade fair in China. As one of largest hanger [...]


Hanger Marketing

In this meager profit age, the price of the raw material is rising, and new employment policy leads to the increase of human resources cost. Many Chinese OEM enterprises suffer more and more pressure. With the approach of the niche consumption age, hanger industry sees its brand new golden time. Keeping a path of differentiation [...]


Caring For Your Clothes

Clothing Hangers are play vital role in our life. When people think about how to care for their clothes. Actually, we focus on clean out the surface of our hangers. The best way to care for your clothes is to find hangers fit for them. We know that hangers can be made from various materials-wood, [...]


Eisho Hanger Solutions

Today is Tanabata festival, which is Chinese traditional valentine’s day. In this special day, Eisho company wants to present you the best hanger solution. For girls, we strongly recommend the beautiful and soft satin and padded hanger. Unlike other wooden or metal hangers, satin hanger is generally smooth and comfortable, feels like the baby skin. [...]