The Advantages of Metal Hangers

We know that there are four main kinds of hangers we can discuss - wooden hanger, plastic hanger, satin & velvet hanger and metal hanger. But you may not know that different material makes hanger different peculiarity. I would like to help you to analyse the advantage of using metal hanger to present your garment properly. Firstly, let’s have a look at the mainly functions and general features of metal hanger. Metal hanger is mainly used for pants, ties, belts and underwear. Its surface is smooth so that you do not have to worry about damages on your clothes. Secondly, [...]

The Fierce Competition in Metal Hanger Industrial,Bankrupt of Reform

Currently, the metal hanger industrial experienced a fierce competition, which aggravate unemployment and economic slowdown. Some enterprises will have to reform their inner structure against for these conditions, otherwise, they are reluctant to bankrupt.   The metal hanger market saturation is higher than before. Recently ,the deflation in China has relatively impact the whole economy, stock market is still in a low level after falling so hard several months ago. However, so many metal companies still pour into such industry regardless of the whole economy environment. In this case, a number of people are out of work when the companies [...]

Wooden hanger

The production process of wooden hanger is very complicated. There are more than 30 steps for complicated wooden hanger. But normally there are 12 main steps. The first step of wooden hanger production process is to choose the wood material. Four common kinds wood material are lotus, beech, ashtree and oak. Good material should not have insect hole, fast knot and blue stain. According to the quality of wood material, wood material can be classified as A, B and C class. The second step is to size the wood material. Normally before sizing, the moisture of the wood need to [...]

Picking an Eisho Clothing Hanger

Picking out the right clothing hanger can be one of the biggest decisions for your wardrobe. Each article of clothing needs proper care and attention and often the hanger that you choose for it will help in this endeavor. You also have to worry about the price of the hanger and how much space it will take up. When picking out your hanger, you should always check out Eisho clothing hangers. These are some of the best options that are there on the market. They are made of high quality materials and will fit your style, budget, and wardrobe needs. [...]

5 Ways To Check The Quality Of Wooden Hanger

Wooden hanger is more and more popular these days. How to know the quality of wooden hanger? Through below five ways, we could easily know if a wooden hanger is good or not. 1.Check the wood material through smelling For most of wood material, it has its own smell. Like pine wood, it has turpentine flavor. Camphor wood has camphor flavor. Different wood material are with different quality. 2.Check the wood quality through seeing For good quality wooden hanger, there should not be holes, knots and fissure on it. And there is no lack of accessories. 3.Check the polishing quality [...]

Factors that you Need to Consider before Buying Clothing Hanger

Do you feel weary and tired when you look at your messy closet? Do you feel that you have to organize the clothes but are short of time? Use of the correct organizing tool is the solution to your predicament. Without any doubt all of us would like to have our clothes arranged in a clean and organized way in the clothes storage. It is good to identify which type of device you want to use even prior to purchasing them as you would not like to waste your hard earned money, time as well as sweat. You can find [...]