Caring For Your Clothes

Clothing Hangers are play vital role in our life. When people think about how to care for their clothes. Actually, we focus on clean out the surface of our hangers. The best way to care for your clothes is to find hangers fit for them. We know that hangers can be made from various materials-wood, metal, plastic, plywood, velvet, satin and others. You may consider which material should be choose for your clothes. For example, wet clothes cannot be hang clothing with wood and velvet hangers. Satin and velvet hangers can be suit for those softly clothes, which will better [...]

Eisho Hanger Solutions

Today is Tanabata festival, which is Chinese traditional valentine’s day. In this special day, Eisho company wants to present you the best hanger solution. For girls, we strongly recommend the beautiful and soft satin and padded hanger. Unlike other wooden or metal hangers, satin hanger is generally smooth and comfortable, feels like the baby skin. The most attractive thing is the different print and design on the fabric. It can be a colorful floral print, a traditional Chinese blue-and-white print, a sweet rural style design, an adorable carton pattern or even no pattern on it, it still looks gorgeous. If [...]

High Quilty Laminated hangers

High quality laminated hangers are common in our life. Laminated hanger is common in our life. Its production process is more simple than wooden hanger. Therefore, there is no strict humidity requirement like wooden hanger. 8 steps of laminated hanger production process as follows. They are includes laminating, sizing, polishing, hole boring, polishing with machine, lacquering, polishing with hand and packing. Laminating is one of important steps for laminated hanger production. Also it will affect the quality of the hanger later. The temperature of the machine need to be up to 100 degrees during the laminating.    Though laminated [...]

Advantages and disadvantages of all kinds clothing hangers

Clothing hanger is a device in the shape of human shoulders, which was inspired by a coat hook that was invented in 1869 by O. A. North of New Britain, Connecticut. The first clothing hanger is the wire hanger, which has a simple loop of wire in a flattened triangle shape that continues into a hook at the top. But now in the market, there are many different and complicated hangers. There are mainly wire hanger, plastic hanger, wooden hanger, satin hanger and velvet hanger. Different hangers are with different advantages and disadvantages. Let us check them out as following: [...]

Accessories of A Hanger

Accessories of a hanger are vital for your clothes, different hooks or clips matches different kind of hangers. Eisho hanger accessories can be added to your custom hangers, you can use them for display purpose, also it is your best selection for home collections. We have different kind of hanger accessories, such as hooks, clips, rubbers, etc. Eisho hanger is a leader of hanger design and manufacturer in China, various high quality hanger accessories can help you meet your requirements. Take any style , attachment and material, choosing from wood hanger, metal hanger, laminated hanger, padded hanger, velvet hanger, different [...]

The Advantages of Metal Hangers

We know that there are four main kinds of hangers we can discuss - wooden hanger, plastic hanger, satin & velvet hanger and metal hanger. But you may not know that different material makes hanger different peculiarity. I would like to help you to analyse the advantage of using metal hanger to present your garment properly. Firstly, let’s have a look at the mainly functions and general features of metal hanger. Metal hanger is mainly used for pants, ties, belts and underwear. Its surface is smooth so that you do not have to worry about damages on your clothes. Secondly, [...]